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Can I buy directly from eSafe?

It is not possible to buy directly from eSafe. Please contact one of our dealers in your neighbourhood: https://www.my-esafe.be/en/dealers. They will be happy to help you!

Is eSafe responsible for the installation of the parcel mailboxes?

eSafe does not install the parcel mailboxes. You can install your eSafe yourself using the manual or call on one of our dealers, who offers installation. You can find them through the tab dealers.
Dealers who offer installation are indicated with a small key next to their name.

Does eSafe have its own showroom?

All dealers on our website have showroom models.

It is also possible to visit eSafe (NOA Outdoor Living). We have the most current models in the showroom. We also have an inspiration garden with products from more than 40 outdoor partners. Visits are possible by appointment: https://www.noa-outdoor.com/nl/plan-your-experience 
Note: This is only a showroom! It is not possible to place an order here.

Location: Polydore Rensonstraat 8, 9770 Kruisem

Delivery of online orders

My parcels are not being delivered successfully to my eSafe. Am I doing something wrong?

There are 2 methods to ensure that your parcels are successfully delivered to your eSafe parcel mailbox:

Include with your online order

We recommend that you enter “In eSafe PARCEL BOX please” as your first name for an online order, so the courier service knows that it needs to deliver to your parcel (mail)box and you give your permission to do so.

Do not forget to enter your code with your online orders so the courier service will have access to your parcel (mail)box at all times. Depending on the web shop, you can enter the code in the Company name, Box, First Name, Surname, etc. field. Do not include it in the address field, given that the latter does not always show up on the parcel.

If you encounter problems with parcel deliveries, you can affix the sticker supplied to the parcel mailbox to indicate that your letterbox can also accept parcels. In doing so, you will establish a link with the “In eSafe PARCEL BOX please” wording shown on the parcel.

Fill in the form with the different courier services

Do you notice that the courier services do not deliver your parcels in your eSafe parcel mailbox? On the websites of the different courier services you can indicate your delivery preferences. Choose here for 'deliver to a safe place' with the indication that you have an eSafe parcel mailbox.

DPD: Give DPD 'Settlement permission' so that you can receive parcels at any time, even if you are not at home. This will tell you that the parcel may be left in your eSafe parcel mailbox.

DHL: With 'Drop-Off Permission' you can give the DHL delivery person permission to leave your package at a location around your house. You can select this option online after DPD has sorted your shipment. You do have to tell them again per parcel that your eSafe parcelbox is your 'agreed place'.


How do I install my parcel letterbox?

1. Pouring the concrete base
Make sure that the concrete base is 2 cm bigger than the parcelbox both in length and width to ensure stability. Check the manual for a specific model on our website. You can find it on the product page of the desired model.

2. Screwing in
When using a drill, do not screw too hard so that the base plate does not break loose from the parcel letterbox.

The floor plan for full-size assembly can be found in the manual.

Is customization possible?

Customisation is possible. Please contact a dealer in your neighbourhood: find a dealer.

How do I clean my eSafe parcel mailbox?

You can best clean your eSafe with lukewarm water & a clean cloth. For a dark letterbox we recommend a dark cloth. For a pale parcel letterbox a light cloth. Absolutely do not use soap, abrasive or any other product that contains a corrosive agent. As indicated above, use a cloth and absolutely no scouring pad. This will cause scratches in the paintwork. When cleaning, change the water regularly and don't keep rubbing in the same place to avoid damaging the paintwork and avoid streaks.

How does the digital combination lock work?

Check out the explanation in the manual below.

Can I change the code of my digital combination lock?

1. Press the button with the logo
2. Enter the old user code
3. Press 02
4. Enter the new user code
5. Repeat the new user code


1. Press the button with the logo
2. Enter the master code
3. Press 02
4. Enter the new user code

How can I change the batteries of my digital combination lock?

1. Open the letterbox using the code.
2. Unscrew the 3 screws on the back. Take care to ensure that the front section of the lock does not fall out of the letterbox.
3. Unscrew the protection plate.
4. You can now replace the batteries (2 x type LR6). Once they have been replaced, refit the protection plate by screwing it back in its original position. You can then refit the lock on the letterbox.

Download the manual with instructional images below.

How does the electric lock work and how do I connect it?

Download the instructions below for a complete explanation of how an eSafe with electric lock works and how to install it.

What should I do if my lock/trap door gets stuck due to frost?

Use lukewarm water to thaw the key lock and/or trap. Immediately wipe the eSafe dry with a cloth to prevent it from freezing again.

I have lost the keys to my parcel letterbox. Can I get new ones?

Most keys can be ordered separately. To do this, we need the type of parcel letterbox and the code that is stated on your lock.

It is not possible to order new keys for a parcel letterbox with DCL lock (digital number lock). Each key is unique. If you do lose your keys, you will have to purchase a completely new lock.